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Hello! You have stumbled upon Love N' Lollies! If you are looking for a stunning artwork, fair reviews and amazing trailers, then you have gone to the right place! We offer these kinds of services just for your very own fictional stories! This site is established by ShallowVipSone and Micaela. Feel free to roam around and explore the site. Happy requesting! :D

Info Desk

SITE NAME: Love N' Lollies
OPENED: 18/9/2011
TYPE: Request Site
CONTACT: Contact Form





New co-webmistress + New Layout + New LNL

Hello fellas! I'm Micaela, the new co-webmistress of our very own ShallowVipSone. Let me tell you more about me first. My whole name is Micaela Delmonte, a pure Filipina who was born and lives here in Philippines. I actually also own a request site, named Star Bright Designs. And I could say that since I am the new co-webmistress, I have much experience in handling sites. If you want, you can visit me in my personal blog here, or visit my site.

So, how's the new layout? Well, I'm the one who made that. Teehee~ I hope its fine. I just made the header simple though. But don't worry! The next layout would really be cool and amazing! I would really put much effort in it. LOLs. And as you could see, I also changed some things here in LNL. Like the welcome note, the Info desk and the pages. If you're somehow confused where the status and pickups pages are, well, they're on the "REQUESTS" tab over there. Just saying so you guys all know.

Well, my note and update would be all this for now. Ciao~!

` Micaela
` The co-webmistress of LNL

Yearning Love

Title: Yearning Love 
Author: Ronix
Inspired By: Boston by Augustana
Genre: Love

I've been alone for so long,
Is there anyone out there who feels the same way?
I don't know if I've done wrong,
Is this a repitition of feelings each day?
It's tiring as hell.

I've learn to walk beside the busy streets.
I've look back and forth to see if I've lost my way.
I try to look for a mirror to read my reflection but,
How come I can't see one trace left of me?

I used to know how it feels to be in the state of love,
It is a feeling of flying with doves,
Love is something that can't be easily shoved.
I miss of how it sends shivers down my spine.

I can't deny the simple feeling that aches me.
It makes my hearts flutter but strikes in vulnerable times.
It is something I wish and yearn to make,
Crushing sorrows feels like throwing antique dimes.

I close my eyes while spreading my two arms.
Tears drip down my cheeks as I reminisce the past.
I know I'll find my way back to your heart.
My worth will come clear in your sight---



All Rights Reserved. 

© Ronix @ Mirror To My Soul

Looking for Co-Webmiss

I'm going to do a round of co-webmiss application because when I manage the blog myself, I found it difficult!
I really hope that the new co-webmiss can be a great help to lovenlollies. I'm sorry if I trouble you though ;(

If you want to apply, do read this first! It's important. The link is here

With thank, I thank you for spending time reading this.

So long for now